Saturday, June 27, 2009

As the Bible Turns...Samson

AS THE BIBLE TURNS…Was our hero simply a Strong Man who belonged in the circus or did his muscles truly show the strength of his love for God? Read on and find out! Brought to you by Write4Him!

Children’s Reflection – By Jeremiah Hughes
The Birth of Samson -- Judges 13

Everybody knows about the amazing feats of Samson. With the Lord’s help, Samson did some pretty amazing things throughout his life, but very few people notice that Samson had something pretty amazing happen before he was even born! An angel of the Lord appeared to Samson’s parents and told them that they would have a son and that he would be dedicated to God from his birth until his death. Samson was going to save the Lord’s people from the Philistines. Even before he was born, the Lord had a plan for Samson, and his life had a great purpose. Just like Samson, every child is dedicated to the Lord. Even if God doesn’t send an angel to explain things to our parents, He has a purpose and a plan for each and every one of us!

If you’re a child, talk with your mom and dad about what you think that plan might be (Hint: ask mom/dad what kinds of gifts and talents has God blessed you with). If you’re the parent, share with your child ways that God has shown you the purpose and plan for your life or talk about ways that you see God at work in your child’s life.

Adult’s Reflection – By Jeremiah Hughes
The Birth of Samson -- Judges 13

The Lord does some pretty spectacular things! The story of Samson’s birth is a great example of His love and a great example of how He takes care of those who love Him. This story actually has very little to do with Samson, and without thinking about it, this story would be very easy to just glance through quickly in order to get to the feats of strength and long luxurious hair. As a result, not many people know the story of Samson’s birth. Not many people know that Samson was born to infertile parents. And not many people know that Samson’s birth was revealed to his parents by an angel of the Lord. So what does this have to do with us today? What can we gain from this story?

At the heart of this passage, the Lord provides for Manoah and his wife. He promises a son to a family that would never have been able to conceive on their own. Think about your life. How has the Lord provided for you in a way that you never would have expected? What miracles has He provided for you, both big and small?

And let’s not forget about the messenger. An angel of the Lord appears to break the news and to guide Manoah and his wife. While we don’t always have an angel talking to us face to face, the Lord does speak to us through others we meet. Think about those “angels” in your life. Who has helped you and guided you as you travel on your life journey? Like this entire passage, it is very easy to just glance over and forget those little miracles and angels in our lives. Take a moment to reflect and thank God for everything and everyone He brings into your life.