Monday, September 29, 2008

Mission Trip to Cedar Rapids, Day 2

Hi all,

Well we all slept well in our little cubicles. There was a real “symphony of snoring” so I am told. Personally I did not hear it, but then again, the earplugs may have helped. I think we will all sleep good tonight too. So we had a great breakfast of cold cereal and juice and coffee before we headed to church. It was a short walk out of the cubicles and into the sanctuary….O, that’s right, the cubicles are in the sanctuary. The worship service was their “traditional” service, but the songs were up on the screen and not from a hymn book. The message was preached by their Pastor of Youth and Discipleship – Todd Joslin. He preached about Samson and how God uses some pretty sinful believers to do great work for Him. It was a good message and we were warmly welcomed by the congregation. Then it was off to the job sight. We started at the home we had planned to wall board. However, they had only gotten 2 of the needed 3 inspections to be able to wallboard. So we insulated and put up a vapor barrier. We also installed a couple of doors and patched a hole in the back of the house. It didn’t take long and we were on our way to job site #2. This home had flooded up to the 7 ft level in the home. Here we put up siding, finished wallboarding 3 rooms and began mudding the wallboard. We have met the home owners at both homes. Lisa is at home #1 and she is doing a lot of the work with her dad. Judy is at home #2 and she lives next door to her son and his family. Judy told us that she and her grand daughter had to be evacuated from their house because the water came up so fast. (Way ahead of projections by the experts). Fortunately for them, they got out and were able to go to her relatives on the high and dry side of Cedar Rapids . After finishing work we went back to the church for clean up and supper. We enjoyed wonderful showers in the outdoor showers and then had a great dinner. We followed dinner with group devotions and then the Bears game. So all is good. The Lord has blessed us and we are happy to be here doing this work for Him. Thanks again for your support and prayers, I will update you again tomorrow.

(Submitted by Pastor Roger Visker)

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