Thursday, April 16, 2009

God's Dream, God's Team

God’s Dream, God’s Team
By Ruthann Schmudde

Everybody has a dream, even God. His dream involves all of us staying connected, being responsive and willing to let him work through us. There is no limit to the amount of miracles that can be performed if we give ourselves over to God’s will; God always dreams big!

If you think of, or see some situation that you would like to help change, ask God what he wants you to do. You’ll get an answer. Don’t worry that it seems too big for you to handle; God will provide resources and connections so that everything flows for the outcome he has in mind. We are on God’s team If we’re willing, his dream will be fulfilled, and together we can change the world!

Prayer: Dear God, please help us to remember to ask what your will is. It’s not the same as our own. Please let us open ourselves up so you can work through us in whatever way you see fit. Amen

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