Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mission Trip to Cedar Rapids, Day 6

Hi All,

First of all, to all of you who could not open last nights email because the files were too big, I apologize. I forgot to resize them. I will do better tonight. If any of you want last nights email, I can resize them and resend them if you let me know.

Well, we finished the 2nd to the last day of being here in Cedar Rapids . It was a beautiful fall day that was so enjoyable to be part of. We worked hard to finish up the work on house #5. It was a bonus to meet the owner – Garland Grooms. His son and daughter in law lived in the house with their family. It is a home that was built in 1896 and one that he and completely remodeled with his own two hands when he bought it in the 1980’s. The oversized woodwork and hand crafted stair rails were incredible. It was clear that he had great pride in the house that was now a shell of what it had been. He also said that the house had never been flooded in its 100 year plus history. Garland is now retired and unable to do the work for himself so he is very thankful that we could be there to do our part.

Dave and Dean spent most of the day installing basement windows in house #3 that we had worked on earlier this week. It was a difficult job but they got it done and done well. Also, Todd joined the mucking and gutting crew and tore apart 3 flood damaged houses. Todd really enjoyed destroying the damaged areas and getting it ready to be rebuilt. Finally, we all ended up at house #6 doing the wall boarding there. It was a little tense for a while because the inspector came out and thought we were trying to cover up problems and not work according to the code. However, our team leaders Nathan and Jeremy were able to explain what we were doing and we got the green light to continue the work. So we have finished about 50% of the house and will go back and finish it in the morning. Our hope is to be able to work on a 7th house before we pack up and head home tomorrow night.

My plan is to send one more email late tomorrow night to inform you all on our progress on the last day of work. We have been greatly blessed by our time here. And it is our hope that the idea of “getting dusty” with Jesus has new meaning that helps us all grow closer to Him.

(Submitted by Pastor Roger Visker)
Here are the pictures:
1– Group Photo as we started work today
2 – Rog and Garland Grooms owner of home #6
3 – Rob worked with us again today. We really appreciate his abilities and his willingness to work with us as a team
4 – Todd busy with the mucking and gutting

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