Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mission Trip to Cedar Rapids, Day 7

Hi all,

It was a great trip for the entire team. We had a great time getting to know one another better, sharing in the work of restoring homes and hope to victims of the flood, and spreading the love of Jesus to those we met along the way. We are tired and happy. Sad to leave yet happy to be back home. Thanks for your prayers and support we needed it and we felt it. We all sensed God’s presence in what we were doing and trust that fruit will come in His time.

Our last day did not go as planned, but it was ok. We worked on house #7 and hoped to move to house #8 after lunch. However, the owner at house #8 did not have the right inspections in place for us go there. So we ran out of work. Hands On Disaster Response did a great job all week keeping work in front of us so we could keep working a full capacity but in the end, they ran out of work for us by noon today. While it was disappointed and we would have happily worked longer, we were glad to head home earlier to get back to our families.

So for the final installment of photos for this trip, I thought I would show some work photos but also some photos that remind us why we went there in the first place. People in the flood area in Cedar Rapids face incredible hurdles to put their lives back together again. We were glad to play a part in that restoration.

Once again thank you for your support and prayers. And to my crew – You were great and it was an honor to serve Jesus with you!


(Submitted by Pastor Roger Visker)
1 – Len working with Kris – another long term volunteer working with HODR
2 – Home in the “Time Check” District – note the high water marks along the porch roof and at the top of the windows
3 – Debris on the curb – city comes by to pick it all up regularly
4 – Sign – Mold Remediation – one of the dangers of flood damage that is costly to clean up

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