Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mission Trip to Cedar Rapids, Day 5

Hi All

Wednesday is the “official” day off for Hands On Disaster Response, but as you will see, we worked. Actually most of us worked a half day and a couple – Larry and Laurie Groenewold worked a full day. We started on an old farm house today and got it about 75% done by 12:30. We decided to take some time and go to the Art Museum in Cedar Rapids to look at their photo exhibit about the flood. The flood happened around June 10 and the photos were the work of local photographers who worked for the newspaper. The museum itself was flooded during the flood but was now open and operating. There was a lingering smell in the museum, but otherwise it seemed to be all cleaned up again. The photos were spectacular and gave us a good sense of the magnitude of the flood and the damage that resulted. Also, there were photos of the losses that people suffered and some of the initial cleanups that happened that were difficult to comprehend but were there in photos for us to see and begin to understand. We were glad we went. And since it was our day off, we went out to eat and to watch the Cubs play. Sorry about the Cubs, but the food was great and we enjoyed our evening. You will also notice that we have another Laurie on the crew today. One of the other volunteers who has done mostly taping and mudding wanted to learn how to put up wallboard. So we took her along and enjoyed teaching her and getting to know her. I think she thought we are ok, but I know we enjoyed having her along. We are on the down side of this trip and it looks like we will be working through Friday and heading home right after we are done that day. There is so much more to be done, and so many people who are still in shock from this disaster that it almost seems a shame to have to leave. But we are trusting that our work here has helped some and that they are the ones who needed us to help them as we did. We know that God is charge and that he will bless our service as is needed. Continue to pray for us that we are kept safe, healthy, and are able to work well. We look forward to seeing you all soon. Thanks again for your emails and prayers we really appreciate them.


(Submitted by Pastor Roger Visker)

Here are the photos for the day:
1--Our mystery man making a guest appearance at house #2 – Yes this is Dave with is hillbilly hat and hair on.
2 – Dean finishing a cut out on a window
3 – Len teaching Laurie #2 all about the art of wall boarding
4 – Yvonne in action with the screw gun – note that her fingernails are painted to match her work outfit….

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